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I like big books and I cannot lie!

Borderliners: A Novel - Peter Høeg It's really weird and in the beginning it's hard to wrap your mind around what's going on and who the characters are and what they're doing here. I wouldn't have finished this book if it wasn't for an assignment.
Where Things Come Back - John Corey Whaley Review will come but for now:This book is very different from what I'm used to. No contemporary love relationhsip, just contemporary. The story is very intriguing and my face looked like this :O for lots of the time.Really interesting and a must-read for everyone.
On the Road - Jack Kerouac Not my style. Not my interest.
The Luxe (Luxe, #1) - Anna Godbersen Soon to be reviewed!
Paper Towns - John Green Review will follow on my blog some day soon!
The Elite (The Selection, #2) - Kiera Cass Review will definitely be written soon!
Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi Nice read. But it wasn't a big addition to the storyline of the trilogy.
The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown Review will follow I promise!
Acid - Emma Pass A girl who presumably killed her parents locked up in a high security prison, ingredients for an action packed and thrilling book. That’s what I thought because I had never heard of this book or the other before...Red my full review here!
Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour - Bryan Lee O'Malley Great, as always
Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Universe - Bryan Lee O'Malley ReGreat, as always
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together - Bryan Lee O'Malley, Steve Buccellato Great, as always
The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith Review will follow I promise!
Uglies (Uglies, #1) - Scott Westerfeld Watch my short spoken review here!
The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks The book started off so perfectly. There was tension, excitement and just an amazing story. But then the story progressed and it got boring. It became extreme predictable and this was the first Nicholas Sparks book I DIDN'T CRY! WHAT?! I didn't cry? I know so weird. Not one of my favourites.
The Selection (The Selection, #1) - Kiera Cass Watch my short spoken review here!America is a really fun protagonist. She's tough but sweet. Smart and nice. Maxon is just perfect. I love his character. He's considerate, caring and sweet. I just love everything about him. If I was America and in the Selection I would know what I would do ;)All the other characters all have their good and bad qualities. And so does the book. There are parts that I really enjoyed and some parts that slightly annoyed me. Kiera Cass turned dating shows to a whole new level. She greatest a masterpiece in the YA dystopian genre. And I for one cannot wait to read the rest of the series!